At TEDxCongressAve, we value innovation, passion, creativity, compassion, and courage; and we encourage conversation and connections. Our goal is to invite people who are most likely to be engaged with and inspired by the ideas and information shared at this event. We are interested in people who value the power of new ideas. If you decide to attend TEDxCongressAve, we do not just expect you to be an attendee but also an active contributor in discussing and spreading powerful ideas. The goal of TEDxCongressAve is to provide a platform for all participants to discuss new ideas with an open mind; and then enhance and amplify them with their own unique perspective.

DATE: 16 November, 2013 - 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM (CST)
VENUE: Jones Auditorium, 3001 S Congress Ave Austin

TEDxCongressAve has a limited space for attendees. TEDxCongressAve will have up to 100 attendees. What makes a TEDx event special is the diversity of thoughts and perspectives leading to conversations, discussions, and new ideas. Our attendees are as important as our speakers in making TEDxCongressAve a fruitful endeavor. We would like to know about all attendees and what they are passionate about. For that reason, each attendee should register individually. Group registration is not permitted.

Directions & Parking

Jones Auditorium is a part of the St. Edward's University campus. Visit this page for directions to the St. Edward's University campus. Once you are on the campus, please use the campus map to go to the Ragsdale Center. Jones Auditorium is located within the Ragsdale Center.

Parking is available within the St. Edward's University campus. The parking lots marked green and gold in this campus map are available for parking on the event day. The parking lots marked red are not available for parking.