TEDxCongressAve is a non-profit event organized by unpaid volunteers. All ticket and sponsorship assistance goes directly to paying for expenses such as venue, advertising, and other materials and costs that support the event. Simply put, we can't produce a TEDxCongressAve event without the help of our sponsors. Our sponsors partner with becuase they are also committed to the same values that we believe in: Providing a platform for ideas that are worth sharing.



    In-kind Sponsors


      By Becoming a Sponsor:
      - Play a part in the creation of a community who wants to lead in global "ideas worth spreading" that will continue post conference.
      - Bring together organizations and individuals who want to be change agents surrounding remarkable thinking and ideas.
      - Leverage ideas, technologies, design and education to help create a better future.
      - Invest in your local community to support innovation and the power of “ideas.”
      - Pave the way for a long-term partnership with TED and TEDx around a common vision of leveraging ideas, technologies, design, and education to help create a better future.

      If you would like to know more about the sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at