It takes a community to organize a TEDx event. TEDxCongressAve is a not-for-profit event and is made possible through the generous contribution of time and energy by an unpaid volunteer community of organizers and curators. The magic of TEDxCongressAve emerges from the synergetic efforts of these inspiring volunteers who give their 110% to organize and curate this event, just because they believe that spreading ideas that can change the world is worth their time and energy.

TEDxCongressAve Team:

Pranav Parekh | Organizer, Curator-in-chief
Harsh Acharya | Co-organizer, Head of Marketing & Digital Strategy
Parth Acharya | Head of Multimedia Production
Mansi Desai | Head of Event Production
Jennifer Jenkins | Media Design
Taylor Overstreet | Event Host

All TEDxCongressAve organizers and curators are very passionate about TED's mission and TEDx events. Here are a few favorite TEDxTalks of the organizing team.